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About OneTrust PreferenceChoice ™

OneTrust PreferenceChoice™ enables marketing teams to drive engaging user experiences and build trust while demonstrating compliance across 100s of global data privacy regulations, including the CCPA, TCPA, CASL and GDPR. With PreferenceChoice, organizations can implement privacy into marketing and sales activities, collect user consent and preferences across channels, scan for website and mobile app tracking technologies, automate consumer rights requests, and maintain historical consent records in a central location. OneTrust PreferenceChoice is a part of OneTrust, the #1 most widely used privacy, security and trust platform used by more than 5,000 customers and powered by 75 awarded patents. OneTrust PreferenceChoice seamlessly integrates with the entire OneTrust platform, including, OneTrust Privacy, OneTrust Vendorpedia™, OneTrust DataGuidance™ and OneTrust GRC.

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Silver Partner

Gemius is a global research and technology company providing data, as well as advanced digital marketing solutions. The company offers complex services for E-commerce, Publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers and is a part of the Global Insights Community, ESOMAR and a member of IAB Europe.

Bronze Partners

Adform je jednou z vedoucích technologických společností v oblasti digitální reklamy. Poskytuje integrovanou “software-as-a-service” platformu pro nákup, správu a výdej digitální reklamy. Adform full-stack řešení obsahuje Data Management Platformu, Demand Side Platformu a Ad Serving Platformu s pokročilou analytikou, reportingem a kreativními nástroji, které umožňují řízení vysoce efektivních globálních reklamních kampaní. Adform byl založen v Dánsku v roce 2002 a jeho portfolio klientů zahrnuje přední světové agentury, přímé klienty, konzultační firmy a vydavatele.

Měníme svět mediálního plánování. Daty a přístupem. Jsme digitální mediální agentura se zápalem pro značky, které chtějí růst a dobře prodávat. Od roku 2018 jsme součástí skupiny Publicis Groupe, motivace pro naší práci ale zůstává pořád stejná: úspěch a spokojenost klientů. Mezi ně patří ČSOB, Remy Cointreau, Makro nebo J&T Banka.

The Smart Story:
Over 17 years ago, Smart was born within a premium publisher looking to create their own ad server in order to have full control of their business. In today’s ad tech world, reaching a more valuable audience is even more critical than ever before. Programmatic advances have created short-term gains, but for publishers and buyers, sticking with the programmatic status quo jeopardizes long-term success. It’s Smart’s mission to help tomorrow’s leaders shift to a radically different ad tech model and take back control.
Our fully transparent platform and shared-interest business approach enables premium publishers and brands to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity, on their terms. In a shared-interest business approach you always act with certainty and have the control of all the variables for the right blend of transaction models, channels and formats, while activating the right audience data for value path optimization.

Garnet Partners

Teads, The Global Media Platform, unites and empowers the best publishers in the world to connect advertisers to an audience of over 1.5Bn people every month. Teads’ made-for-mobile ad experiences deliver attention and guaranteed outcomes across the marketing funnel.  

Through its end-to-end platform, Teads provides demand-side, sell-side and creative technology to deliver better media effectiveness for brands, better monetization solutions for publishers, and better experiences for consumers.

Teads partners with the leading marketers, agencies and publishers through a team of 800+ people in 26 countries.

O2 media is a division of the strongest local telco operator with a large network of marketing information covering a substantial part of the Czech population. Our work is defined by slogans: Unique information about customers and their behavior in the digital world. Valuable telecom operator data. Advanced user modeling and profiling. Highly effective campaigns.

To meet these slogans, we use the data, technology and know-how that O2 offers. Through the sales team we take care of a portfolio of approximately 500 companies to whom we bring media campaigns using natural communication formats for the telco operator such as SMS and MMS, localization SMS and MMS, DM, RTB, etc. We cooperate with a strong team of big data and together we create campaigns working with unique target groups. And all in accordance with GDPR, because our data are always anonymized and aggregated. O2 Media campaigns can help you to increase your brand awareness and sales or get new employees. Meeting your goals is our goal. More about O2 Media at

Application Partner


EasyEvent je komplexní služba pro digitalizaci eventů, kongresů a konferencí. Guest management, registrace, on-site tisk badge, konferenční aplikace, dotazy, hlasování, feedback, soutěže, networking a mnohem více. Vaše akce bude probíhat moderně a s maximálním efektem pro organizátory i účastníky.

Medial Partners

The news portal has been offering fresh news from the world and from the field of magazines since January 12, 1998. is a news site about media, marketing and advertising. It is intended for people working in the media at all levels of management, marketing managers, advertising, media and PR agencies, as well as the general public interested in media and marketing. It brings original news, interviews and analyses from the field.

Media house CZECH NEWS CENTER with its 4 journals, 45 magazines and specials and 30 websites is a leader in the Czech media market. The flagship is the journal Blesk, which is the best-selling and most read journal in the Czech Republic.

VLTAVA LABE MEDIA a.s. is a Czech publishing house that publishes 70 regional versions of the journal, 70 regional weeklies and 19 magazines.

TV Nova has been a commercial television station since 1994. The Nova group includes several websites. Among the most visited is news portal, which brings news from home and the world or video portal, which offers mainly popular shows and accompanying bonuses from the production of TV Nova.

Prima group was founded in 1993 as the first Czech commercial television station. The company currently operates eight television channels and six radio stations. It has a wide portfolio of websites and printed magazines and is one of the Czech leaders in the field of HbbTV. Since 2016, it has organized more than 11 public events annually.

TISCALI MEDIA a.s. is a traditional provider of Internet media and services, with 6.1 million users reaching out to them per month. In addition to its own news, commentaries and interviews, it also offers specialized websites about science (, video games (, celebrities (, finance (Našepení, movies ( and data storage 

Since 2014, ARBOmedia, s.r.o. belongs to the group as one of the most important media representatives on the Czech market.

The Economia media house is an important player in the field of online media and digitization of media content and a major publisher of the economic and professional press. Economia operates successful news sites and, several thematic Internet titles and services, including freemail portals. Economia publishes the daily economic newspaper, Hospodářské noviny, the weekly newspaper, Ekonom and Respekt, and several professional titles.