Tato akce již proběhla.


The media market keeps on changing virtually day after day. The consumption of media and mediatypes changes, marketing planning metrics grow, advertising possibilities transform, advertising business models as well as subscriptions are radically re-evaluated, mobile technology brings completely new perspectives on work with the content and promotion, the ownership and personnel of the media keep on changing.

To understand all these changes really is not quite simple. The 8th year of the fundamental conference on the Czech media and advertising market conditions should shed light on many hot issues of today. How do the mediahouses standing at the beginning of a new way want to attract attention? When and what kind of the digital content finally begins to be paid? Are the new trends of RTB a salvation or a threat to the advertising revenues of the media? Can we believe that mobile advertising will bring sufficient revenues for the media or are these hopes condemned to be futile? Will the Internet projects be able to reach the advertising revenues of televisions?

You too should come to get the traditional dose of new inspiration! You will have many opportunities to exchange experience with more than 500 participants, the representatives of mediahouses, media agencies, marketing managers and digital specialists.