Tato akce již proběhla. Zpět na homapege IAC


We are in the 12th year of the Internet Advertising Conference, one of the most important conferences on the digital market in the Czech Republic. #IAC19 will, for a twelfth time, bring together more than 500 VIP professionals from unique media, marketing, brand, technology and broader industry communities from the Czech Republic and the whole Europe.

Attendees and speakers will share their experience, success stories, know-how and inspiration concerning online advertising. We are interested in its distribution, planning, targeting, evaluation and news about technology and products. The conference will also deal with trends in digital marketing and content production as well as the most important new changes and developments in legislation, an area in which the SPIR as a key media association has been active for many years.

The conference presents an opportunity to meet the executives of media houses and agencies, planners and marketers, digital specialists, analysts, technology innovators and journalists, who utilize the all-day programme for education, networking and the finding of new contacts and business opportunities. The list of speakers at the conference includes Czech specialists and key figures from the Czech media market as well as many international speakers.

The Internet Advertising Conference is the only event where you can learn from the best and brightest people in the industry and network with them. 

Conference participants

Directors of marketing and communication / Digital and advertising agencies / Politicians and deputies of state administration / Investors / Journalists / Members of SPIR / Marketing professionals / Consultants / Entrepreneurs

Upcoming topics

  • the relationship of the companies Facebook and Google with the media (business indicators /spends/, GDPR impact and Czech specifics of its application)
  • paid contents of the news and other media (response to the duopoly on the market, trends in payments for articles, increasing number of different forms of paid access
  • cross-media measurement (possibilities and discussion over the needs of different entities on the market)
  • GDPR – a year after its launch (what do we risk within ePR, changes in the Czech legislation and the current ePR situation)
  • attribution paths
  • video publicity
  • blockchain in online commercials
  • using virtual and augmented reality in online marketing

Pictures sourced from Cubex.