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AI & trends

Programmatic and smart advertising

User data on the internet

8:00-9:00 Check-in, Breakfast

8:30-16:00 host

User data on the internet
Jana Břeská, SPIR

8:30-16:30 host

Programmatic and smart advertising
Jan Bambas, IPG Mediabrands

8:30-16:30 host

AI & trends
Filip Horký, Livesport.cz

9:00-9:10 Welcome speech, conference opening

AI & trends
Kateřina Hrubešová, SPIR

9:10-9:30 Opening lecture

AI & trends
Michal Hanák, SPIR

9:30-10:30 A New Wave of Digital Taxation - Changes to the International Tax System

AI & trendsWe will go through the history of various digital taxes, effects on countries, industries etc., we will map different responses including OECD approach and solutions and future long term effects.
Andreas Hellmann, Americans for Tax Reform Foundation (ATRF)

10:30-11:00 Don't Let the GDPR Kill Your Marketing Strategy: Maximizing Opt-In and Building a Compliant Marketing Program

AI & trendsUnderstand legitimate interest vs. consent for marketing purposes. Learn best practices for maximizing opt-in and consent. Guidance to build an effective and GDPR-compliant marketing strategy.
Zachary Faruque, OneTrust PreferenceChoice

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:00 The Second Wave of Programmatic

Programmatic and smart advertisingJoin Agata Gazdziak, Market Director for Central and Eastern Europe at Xandr, as she explores three key themes shaping the advertising industry today- powerful technology, data, and content, and the opportunities that lie ahead in this new media landscape.
Agata Gazdziak, Xandr

11:30-12:00 Artificial intelligence and news automation in ČTK

AI & trendsAutomatically generated reports based on data are one of the ways that news agencies, including ČTK, are working. Do we fear the use of automation and artificial intelligence in journalism? What are the benefits? Will real journalists be replaced by robots? Learn more from the news editor of ČTK Radka Matesová Marková.
Radka Matesová Marková, ČTK

11:30-12:00 Operational and location data in police practice

User data on the internetThe importance of electronic data is, in the context of the transfer of communication into the virtual sphere, essential. We will see real examples of police practice, where the data from communication significantly contributed to the detection of criminals.
Kateřina Kašpárková, Ministerstvo vnitra

12:00-12:30 Tackling the Seven Sins of Ad Tech

Programatik a chytrá reklamaDigital advertising is currently facing a crisis of trust magnified by key pain points amplified by ad tech. These include decreased efficiency, poor transparency, and increased confusion across the industry. In addition to mapping out seven of these, we will look at the path to solving each.
Oliver Whitten, Adform

12:00-12:30 (Un) Rightfully Neglected Data (interview)

User data on the internetIn theory, ISP and telecommunications companies can analyze a huge amount of data about their customers' behaviours and habits. Respectively their modems. Conversely, they do not see other data that online services work with. Can this data be used? Which one? And does anyone want to use the data?
Rostislav Kocman, ISP Alliance

12:00-12:30 Analysis and creation of text content based on AI

AI & trendsHow can AI help with text content analysis? Text processing helps solve the segmentation of content, find keywords, IAB categories, etc. For example, in e-commerce, it helps to summarize reviews. The reverse process will allow the machine-creating content and so solve boring and repetitive work.
Petr Hamerník, Geneea

12:30-13:00 Is blockchain the silver bullet for advertising?

Programmatic and smart advertisingDigital ad spending worldwide could reach a total of $427.26 billion by 2022, however, it is still largely affected by ad fraud and lack of transparency. Recent scandals with privacy and personal data misuse introduced even more questions about the future of digital ads but many believe that the answers may be found with the help of blockchain technology. Will blockchain save us all?
Ivan Manchev, AdEx Network

12:30-13:00 World of Influencers: From Fun to Education

AI & trendsInfluencer marketing has experienced an incredible boom in recent years. Most contracting authorities and agencies understand that this segment has a significant impact on marketing results and therefore cannot be ignored. Unlike other digital disciplines, however, influencer marketing still lacks some golden rules or institutions that would help unify the industry and set clear standards for both influencers and sponsors.
Marek Bačo, MediaCom
Petr Vančura, MediaCom

12:30-13:00 Let's treat cookies as long as we have them. Digital advertising in the privacy-first cookieless world.

User data on the internetThe online advertising world as we know it will soon be over. Internet browsers quickly limit 3rd party cookies to protect user privacy. GDPR brought significant limitations in the work with data. Should we be sorry, or can we do it differently and better?
Dominik Kosorín, Seznam.cz

13:00-13:30 Cookies and issues that are (not) discussed. Why and how to solve them?

User data on the internetWhy be interested in the future of cookies? What is the lifetime of cookies now? Does it differ in the type of device? Format? Publisher? In Direct / RTB Purchase? Will advertising cookies cease to exist completely?
David Vopelka, DataSentics

13:00-13:30 4 myths making brands lose money in the online

Programmatic and smart advertisingWe reviewed data from 15 billion impressions and saw how (not) effectively cope with media split today, data targeting and creatives. Conclusion? Online advertising goes in the runway and brands pay for it unnecessarily.
Josef Prorok, Red Media

13:00-13:30 Advantages and pitfalls of universal panel measurement

AI & trendsIs it time to leave site-centric measurements? How will campaign reach, media type overlays and cross-country overlap be measured in the post-cookies era? Is it possible to measure e-commerce?
Michal Fejk, Gemius

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:00 Programmatic Audio

Programmatic and smart advertisingProgrammatic audio in the MMS radio network: we will show what we do in implementation, how we involve direct business and programmatic. We will discuss what we encounter when introducing a format that almost no one in the Czech Republic has yet bought.
Roman Stolejda, Impression Media

14:30-15:30 cross-media measurement (debate)

AI & trendsWhat are cross-media data? Has development stopped, or are we slowly moving in the right direction? Do we even look at the cross-media from the right point of view?
Vít Smékal, Comscore
Michal Vodák, Heureka Group
Josef Fišer, Median
Zdeněk Kubena, Omnicom Media Group
Lukáš Vinkler, Gemius

14:30-15:00 Publisher's experience in managing cookies

User data on the internet
Vladan Rámiš, MAFRA
Pavel Kočička, MAFRA

15:00-15:30 The online way to McDonald's cheeseburger, or the importance of local marketing

Programmatic and smart advertisingWhat is local marketing, why to use it, what benefits it brings and how OMD works in cooperation with McDonald's?
Michal Ťoupalík, Omnicom Media Group
Rudolf Ešner, McDonald's

15:00-15:30 How connecting digital and TV data brings the benefit of digital

User data on the internetData is the basis of omnichannel planning. Linking digital data to other data sources helps build more effective campaigns. We will show you how offline and online data work together with specific examples. And most importantly, how is it possible to make the most of this connection in the digital world.
Jiří Vítek, RVT Integral

15:30-16:00 Data Science at the service of a media agency

Programmatic and smart advertisingGroupM representatives will explain how you can use your own algorithms to increase the potential of online advertising to build your brand knowledge.
Jiří Udatný, GroupM
Ondřej Bartůněk, Mindshare

15:30-16:00 Hbb TV as one of the pillars of VoD in the Czech Republic

AI & trendsHow will classical linear broadcasting change due to HbbTV and Big data from the perspective of both users and advertisers?
Iva Nesrstová, FTV Prima

15:30-16:00 Prediction and modelling in programmatic purchasing services enhance the shopping experience

User data on the internetUsing a mathematical model, we are able to analyze the customer's purchasing behaviour and predict which particular goods or services he or she is interested in. In a case study, we prove that a customer is willing to spend more if we don't bother him with an irrelevant offer and give him a tailored message.
Martin Petera, Dentsu Aegis Network

16:00-16:30 Programmatic video and the future of video advertising

Programmatic and smart advertisingVideo ads are one of the fastest-growing formats in programmatic. Learn how to take decisions regarding video investment and make your video advertising efficient.
Gosia Kmieciak, Smart AdServer

16:00-16:30 Why should we be interested in "Light TV Viewers"?

AI & trendsThe popular target group of online campaigns, so-called. “Light TV Viewers” is recently getting more and more attention of media planners and end-users who want to complement traditional offline channels in their media mix. But who are these "Light TV Viewers", how many are there, on what sites or mobile applications we can find them?
Jakub Mikulka, Median

16:30-20:30 Networking

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